Diversity & Inclusion

Visual is committed to diversity for many reasons: because it provides a voice to the unique perspectives of all our staff; because it reflects the evolving face of the trade show industry; and because it allows us to provide the highest quality services to our customers, who are as diverse as we are. Most of all, though, Visual is committed to diversity because we believe there is strength in the differences among our experiences and world views.

However, this commitment has no meaning if our diverse staff members do not feel included. For that reason, Visual provides all our staff with an environment in which they can flourish and advance. This environment is created through collaboration and thoughtful discussion among our many individual employees, the company leadership, and supporters of our diversity and inclusion goals. Visual’s leadership team and staff believe that progress can only be made in an environment where the entire company champions diversity and inclusion of all its members.

All of us at Visual believe our firm can be an example of the broader world in which we would like to live, a world in which many voices are heard and in which all of them are supported an embraced. We make progress towards this goal every day and we invite you to join our efforts.